WHY choose IMS English Academy Cebu?



We are here for you

We guarantee full, friendly and effective assistance by our staff from arrival to departure. We are here for you literally 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And our teachers are here for you for any reason, academic or otherwise. You can reach us 24 hours a day on our contact telephone numbers. The representative of the English school in the Philippines will meet students at the airport and accompany them to their accommodation. The IMS English academy Cebu provide assisted airport transfers on arrival as well as on departure.

You will enjoy typical Filipino hospitality and warmth from landing to take-off!

We promise you that we will make your English language learning experience in our English school in the Philippines a memorable one!

We are great English language school in Philippines


  • Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced.
  • Native and Filipino teachers
  • Group classes by native teachers
  • We give you individual attention in the school, classroom and outside.
  • Deliver One-to-One as well as Group classes, in any case…
  • We work exclusively with all our students.
  • At IMS ACADEMY you will find…
    •      All levels of General English, Business and Professional English courses,
    •      Conversation English as part of the General and Intensive English Course,
    •      Exam preparation courses mainly IELTS and TOEIC examinations.
    •      Parent & Child courses / Family courses for parents & children travelling together,
    •      Teacher Training Courses eligible for Teachers
    •      … English Plus program (sports, culture, history and just about anything you can think of)

Individual Attention

We guarantee that our English school in the Philippines will always provide you with personalized service from arrival to departure, in and out of the classroom, whether at your place of accommodation or on a school activity.


At IMS English Academy Cebu


At IMS ACADEMY understand that a student is not just a number but an individual whose priority is to have a successful English language experience in a best English school in the Philippines and improve his/her English in the shortest possible time. This is why providing individual attention not only enhances a student’s overall experience with us, but also makes the student feel that his/her language progress is being monitored closely to ensure maximum satisfaction and success.


Moreover, with our typical hospitality, approachability and our emphasis on individual attention, here at IMS English Academy Cebu, we go the extra mile in ensuring that our students have the best stay possible, and are always at your service, eager and willing to address any of your queries and concerns.

IMS english Academy cebu
IMS english Academy cebu


Level Progress Guarantee Program

 Personalized assignments by Academic Manager
 Customized Class and Textbook
 Daily Assessment & Feedback
 Mentoring & Academic Counseling
 Specific Categorized Level System
 Specialized LPG (Learning Progress Guarantee) Curriculum created by our in-house development team

Outstanding Faculty

 Strict Hiring Process by Systematic Human Resource Management
 Periodic training and multi-faceted evaluation systems
 Teaching by Specialized Teachers

Specialized Spartan Class

 Over 10 hours of intensive classes
 Exclusive independent program
 Various night time classes focusing on vocabulary, grammar, CNN, TED, grammar, presentation, business English, cinema and more.
 Provide free mock test every week

Great Location Affordable Facilities

 13,000sqm of huge resort type campus
  Various amenities such as clean and spacious classrooms, accommodation, cafeteria, lounge, library, table tennis, basketball court, swimming pool, jogging track, karaoke and more


 Offers global campus with multicultural students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and others

Customized Multi-Campus

 3 styles of campuses- Liloan Sparta Campus, Urban Style Ayala City Campus and Mactan Resort Campus
 Ability to transfer from one campus to another depending on students’ needs, purpose, study period and courses.

Various Extracurricular Activities

 Monthly Academic Activities such as Speech, and Presentation
 Frequent Volunteer Program
 24hours EOP (English Only Policy) Avenue Zone that prohibits any languages besides English

Comprehensive Services

 International advisors, staff and managers
 Personal Counseling, 24/7 Helpdesk
 Various Resource Support
 Medical Support
 Housekeeping (Cleaning, Laundry) Service

Great Safety & Health Management

 Operation of CCTV and monitoring. Security guards on site 24/7
 Well-Balanced 3 meals per day
 Operation of School Nurse & Clinic Room
 Stay-in Country Manager for emergency

University Pathway Program

 Signed MOU with Andrews University in USA
 Offering Special Admission & Scholarship for Only IMS Students

” IMS’s Teachers are really good at teaching and explaining in a very simple way and are very kind.
I can speak English with confidence now. Thanks to IMS, Best English School in the Philippines and Teachers!  ”

” Finally, I got the letter of acceptance from the University of Toronto, Canada among the World’s most prestigious Universities. I thought it was impossible but I overcame because IMS’s Managers and Teachers helped me. promise I will come back one day. ”

IMS enlgish Academy cebu

Best Location

The IMS English School in the Philippines and its own adjacent accommodation are located in a picturesque, high-class area…

… characterized by a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. IMS ENGLISH ACADEMY CEBU and Residence located right next to the famous Maria Louisa village and Streetscape mall

We’re only a short walk away (5 to 20 minutes) from lively and bustling Banilad Town center, Country Mall and IT Park.


IMS Academy


IMS Academy

Places Nearby IMS

IMS English Academy Cebu will set you up in comfort!

You are welcome to live in our English school in the Philippines own residence IMS ACADEMY Residence, on half board (breakfast & lunch & dinner) basis Monday to Sunday.
If you wish we can also accommodate you in:
three-, four- and five-star hotels, self-catering apartments, or holiday apartments and villas for families whichever option you prefer and suits your budget!

IMS english Academy cebu
IMS english Academy cebu
IMS english Academy cebu
IMS enlgish Academy cebu


Country of Education, Culture, and Tourism

The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia.

The country consists of about 7,641 islands categorized under the three main geographical divisions

from North to South- Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


Capital City








Country No.



Catholic 85%

Time difference



No Visa for 30 Days


Asix-year single-termsystem

Official Language

English & Tagalog

One-on-One Class & Highly Cost-Effective with Study Outcomes

Typically in the USA, Canada, and Australia, a single class consists of 10-16 students. In contrast, the Philippines offer 1:1, 1:4 and 1:8 classes. Each class focuses on students’ speaking skills and improving their weaknesses. The country provides an effective education at a low price.

Simple Visa & Admission Process

Visa preparation is very simple compared to other countries. As long as you have a passport, you are ready to fly to the Philippines!

Various Leisure Activities

The Philippines is not only a great place to learn, but the country offers one of the world’s best activities- scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-ski and so much more. You can study during the weekday, relax and enjoy the weekend.

Why Study in The Phillippines?

The Philippines has the following advantages as your alternative destination for studying English since not too far away from your home country. English is widely spoken in the Philippines. It is used as the business language as well as the medium of instruction in schools and universities. About 93 % of Filipinos can speak and understand English well. Philippines offers the same quality of English education at a much affordable cost.

The Philippines prides itself with rich and cultural resources that fascinate visitors. It is a student centered-academy and can offer a lot of one on one classes. Because of over 41 years of American colonization, the English language became the second language for Filipinos and the Philippines is the second country in the world to use English as their second language with good merits.

IMS enlgish Academy cebu

Why Cebu

Cebu – a suitable place for you to study

Crowned as the Queen City of the South has beautiful islands, pristine white sand beaches, luxury hotels and resorts, diving locations and heritage sites are the reasons for high domestic and foreign tourist arrivals in Cebu.


 World Class Beaches and Resorts

 Rich in History and Culture

 Various Attractions

 Kind People